09 September 2005

Fundstücke II

Nach da draußen gehen.

Begeistert sein. Mitmachen.

Nicht wirklich enzyklopädisch.

Und bei diversen Filmen bin ich anderer Meinung. Aber hoch unterhaltsam.

Schöne Liebeserklärung

And my heart beats inside of you. (Astrid - "Sing for me")


Andrei Codrescu in OpenDemocracy: In December 2004, the Pentagon staged a military exercise using New Orleans as a model insurgent city. Jets flew overhead, warships came up the Mississippi and helicopter-gunships flew low over the French Quarter and the city's ninth ward with loudspeakers broadcasting the message: “Stay in your houses! We are friends of the Iraqi people!” Today, the ninth ward is still under water and I'm not sure America is our friend.


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